4 Coworking Trends Catering to the Mobile Workforce in 2020

The global professional infrastructure is not what it used to be. The once rigid, stuck-in-the-old ways workplace scene has undergone immense changes in the past few years, transforming into something completely new.

The contemporary office scene is more flexible than ever as it’s adapting to meet the needs of the evolving workforce. Thanks to advances in communication and transportation, business professionals are spending more time outside of the office and taking their work elsewhere.

The mobile workforce is bigger than ever, and 2020’s numbers are going to expand even further. In the United States the mobile workforce population is expected to reach 105.4 million members. This marks a massive growth spurt when compared to 2015’s 96.2 million. Analysts state that mobile workers will comprise nearly 75% of the country’s working population.

When so many of today’s workers are embracing mobility, the physical office space needs to change up its game in order to support this new system. Catering to the mobile workforce is a must as we approach the new year, and CRE is preparing with these 4 popular coworking trends:

Greater Digital Compatibility

As remote workers continue dominating the workspace, coworking offices need to make sure they’re offering greater digital compatibility. Mobile-friendly software and systems that can be used both in and outside of the office are fueling the newest wave of workspace tech.

This is specifically important when it comes to coworking as it gives team members the agility they need to succeed. Whether they’re on the go or at their desk, mobile workers need to be able to seamlessly transition between locations without missing a beat. We’re seeing a massive shift towards flexible tech systems in coworking.

Flexible Office Spaces are in Hot Demand

Just because remote workers can get their jobs done from nearly anywhere doesn’t mean they’re ready to give up the office. As more tasks become mobile-friendly, the baseline workload for remote professionals is getting larger. In many cases, non-professional environments such as cafes and at-home offices aren’t supporting their diverse needs. This is driving more people to coworking spaces – specifically ones that are flexible enough to support their unique needs.

Boosting Workplace Security

With so many people going in and out of coworking spaces, security is becoming a top priority. On-site surveillance and hired security guards are the new norm for the workplace – and specifically those with a large population of mobile workers.

This means team members can rest easy knowing that their belongings are safe when they run out for a meeting or to grab lunch. Since traveling light is a key aspect of the remote working module, team members need to know that their belongings are being taken care of.

Comfortable and Sleek Office Designs

Today’s mobile workforce is looking for coworking spaces with a pleasant office environment. Establishing a healthy workplace culture has been at the forefront of CRE’s office sector’s mind, and it’s even more important for attracting remote workers.

When they have the option to work anywhere, office design needs to step up their game and make remote workers want to do business there. This is being achieved by comfortable ambiances, sleek designs, and strong positive workplace cultures.


As remote working becomes the new norm, keep an eye on these coworking trends in 2020 and beyond. Stay tuned for our upcoming CRE news!